Bridal Henna


Bridal Henna

Weddings are incomplete without shimmering henna color decorating the bride. Mehndi is treated as an ornament in several tradition that tells the story of a new beginning together and trademarks their wedding.

We understand each bride is unique as they are and we strive to meet your needs to make your day even brighter. We offer 4 different option to chose the layout and the artist can continue from there.

Brides also will receive free consultation and can bring your own design ideas to the artist. HennaStrokes will provide suggestions and initial layout if required before signing the contract.



For Brides who loves to keep it simple and neat.

Time : 2 hours

Length : Up to Wrists and Simple strip on feet

MODERN - $350

For Brides who loves to go an extra mile, stylish but not too intricate.

Time : This typically takes 3-4 hours.

Length : Midway between Wrist and elbow. Up to ankles on feet

GALORE - $400

Best Suited for classic henna lovers who loves to go for all in or nothing.

Time : Intricate designs would take 5-6 hours

Length : Up to elbows and above ankles on feet


 This is for brides who wants to stop and tell a story and celebrate their love. Artist would love to incorporate your story, images and make it really personal.

Time : This typically is a 7-8 hour full blown bridal session.

Length : A bit above elbows on hands and above ankles on feet