Hi, this is Varsha from Santa Clara

I have been a great fan of colors and designs even before the days i spoke my first word. I am happily married and currently a proud California girl who grew up in Banglore.

Henna designs have always been my passion from school days. I have been applying Bridal Henna (Mehandi) and Party designs for four years now.

I love experimenting with designs and I practice a lot when i get free time. I do a whole a lot of Arabic and semi-Contemporary designs. I love hybrid designs a lot and try to mix traditional and modern design and derive something new to ensure I don't repeat my design as much as possible.

Henna Paste: I prepare my own henna paste from natural henna leaves/powders. I dont believe in adding chemicals to get quicker stains.  

When I am not with Henna cones : I love travelling and Reading books

Check me out in Facebook & Instagram under @hennastrokes

Contact me via email : hennastrokes@gmail.com